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Our original mission

Making beautifully convenient speciality coffee is our original mission and first love. Since 2014 we've made thousands of coffees from a beloved coffee cart in Hackney and now the coffee is flowing at our new Coffee bar in Surrey Quays, too.  But in these times, instead of dropping in to see us, why not bag yourself a bag of incredible coffee for home, or send something truly delicious to someone you love!

Bringing you the best...

We are proud to make and sell Climpson and Sons coffee. They are pioneers of London's third wave coffee scene and all-round great people. These are among the best speciality coffees in the world. Choose from 'The Baron', a Brazilian chocolatey classic great for cafetiere's, to the most unbelievably tasty coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras and elsewhere with fruit notes, and bright balanced tones, perfect for filters or aeropress.

Don't forget to specify if you want the coffee ground for how you like to make it: e.g. for filter, aero press, cafetière, or espresso machine (for the truly dedicated!). Or ask for whole beans if you can grind them yourself - which will keep things fresher for longer!

Or - grab a tasting Hamper for the coffee-guzzler in your life! 

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